4 Questions About The Music Industry You Should NOT Be Asking

Chances are, you are already ruining your abeyant to accomplish in the music industry because you accept in one or added music career myths. How do I know? I am beatific e-mail letters on a connected base by bags of musicians (all gluttonous the answers to the WRONG questions). These are questions that may assume like acceptable questions on the top level, but are absolutely awful damaging questions that yield them far abroad from their agreeable dreams.

To put calm a acknowledged career in music as anon as possible, you’ve got to apperceive the questions you do NOT charge to be gluttonous answers to, and accept how to ask abundant college superior questions that will put you on the appropriate clue against extensive your music industry goals.

These are the 4 affliction music career questions you should abstain allurement in adjustment to body a acknowledged career as a able musician:

Bad Music Career Question #1: Do I Accept To Become A ‘Starving Artist’?

A lot of humans accept that authoritative a active as a able artisan agency one of two things: Either you ‘make it’ and go on to bout the apple and advertise millions of albums or you ‘become a craving artist’ and accept to play at actual shitty confined and artery corners just to get by. This music business allegory makes sabotages people’s careers from the start, either by authoritative them accept they charge to get abounding time jobs altered to music and ‘try to do music on the side’, or be abashed of aggravating to access the music business.

Fact is, the music business is fabricated up of a ample average chic and there are endless means to acquire a living. You’d be afraid at how simple it is to accomplish a acceptable active in the music industry against acceptable acknowledged in an alfresco field. However, afore you will accomplish a lot of money, you accept to stop allurement low superior questions. Stop annoying about acceptable a craving artisan and alpha envisioning all the altered means you can accomplish money as a musician.

As you plan in the music business, you are not affected to reside from one paycheck to the next like in a accustomed day job. Instead, it’s consistently accessible to be earning assorted sources of assets at the aforementioned time. This makes acceptable a able artisan a abundant added abiding career best aback you don’t accept to be abased on just ONE antecedent of income. In accession to the accessible means that musicians seek to accomplish money in music (selling albums/downloads, arena reside shows or recording as a affair musician), there is one affair you can do appropriate now that will bound addition your music accompanying income:

Start growing a music teaching business. This will anon aftermath assorted sources of assets (your students) for you while you plan abundant beneath than abounding time hours anniversary week.

When you body abounding sources of agreeable assets as discussed above, it’s actual accessible (and not as harder as you adeptness think) to annually acquire added than $100k in your music career (I apperceive this, because I’ve helped abounding musicians to do it).

Bad Music Career Question #2: How Do I Get A Recording Contract?

In adjustment to accept why this is not a acceptable questions to ask, acknowledgment this: “Why should anyone accord YOU a recording contract?” If you anticipate it’s because you address acceptable music… try again. This is never a acceptable abundant acumen for anyone to assurance you to a recording contract. No one is traveling to advance abounding bags of dollars into you just because you can address acceptable music. This would be WAY too chancy of an investment (so abundant so that it doesn’t even accomplish sense). Imagine that you adored up $200,000, would you again go to a bank and put it all on the band for one circuit of the roulette? OR would you instead advance it into anyone who has accurate that they can advice you acquire even added (at atomic at a abate level)? No doubt, you would accomplish the astute best and advance it into anyone who would advice you accomplish added money. This is how recording labels think. So stop apprehensive about how you can get active to a recording arrangement and alpha axis yourself into a ‘wise investment’ that any characterization would anon see as valuable. This requires abundant added than autograph abundant music, arena your apparatus able-bodied or accepting a Facebook page.

Here are the accomplishments you should be demography to accomplish yourself into a admired investment for a almanac company:

1. Accept what the music industry is analytic for in musicians afore they activate alive with them.

2. Plan every day to body your music career. Almanac companies wish to see that you accept a acceptable clue almanac afore they will activate alive with you. The added things you do as an absolute musician, the added acceptable it is that you will accretion the absorption of a almanac company.

3. Get music industry training from a acknowledged coach who has already able big things in the music industry and helped others get active to recording contracts.

Once you activate developing your music career on your own, you will accomplish yourself like a alarm of ablaze and almanac companies will appear analytic for YOU!

Bad Music Career Question #3: How Can I Get My Music ‘Heard’ By Added People?

The majority of musicians wish to get their music heard by as abounding humans as possible, assertive that this will advice them acquire money and become acknowledged pro musicians. However, the abundance of humans who accept to your music is not actual cogent in and of itself. What absolutely affairs is the bulk of humans you are able to about-face into a awful committed admirers who will do annihilation to abutment you and your music.

Stop allurement yourself how to get added humans to apprehend your music and alpha transforming anyone who is already your fan into a absolute FANATIC. Only After you accept a action in abode for axis ‘casual fans’ into ‘hardcore fanatics’ will the absolute amount of humans who apprehend your music activate to matter.

Bad Music Career Question #4: What Is The Best Music City-limits To Move To?

Many musicians anticipate they will be abundant added acceptable to accomplish in the music industry by affective to a ‘music city’. Again with this acceptance in mind, they backpack up their things and move, assertive that opportunities will artlessly ‘fall into their lap’ already they arrive. Already they accept been in their new breadth for a while and annihilation has changed, they accusation it on the city-limits and attending for a new breadth to move to (while getting absolutely blind of the TRUE affidavit why they aren’t successful).

Here’s the accuracy about ‘location’ arch to success in the music industry: Your breadth has annihilation to do with your adeptness to become a acknowledged pro musician. This applies decidedly today if it is easier than anytime for anyone to get a recording contract, put out music, adapt apple tours or plan as a affair artisan behindhand of breadth they live. Awful acknowledged musicians do not become that way because they lived in one breadth rather than another. If that were true, there would be aught acknowledged musicians active in cities that are not accepted for big music scenes. The attempt that advance to developing a acknowledged music career administer absolutely the aforementioned behindhand of breadth you live.

Rather than authoritative the massive (wasted) accomplishment of aggravating to analysis and acquisition the best music scene, go through the afterward action that has been PROVEN to plan for musicians:

  1. Determine your specific agreeable goals.
  2. Alpha alive calm with a music business coach to put calm an able action for extensive your agreeable goals.
  3. Plan anniversary day to get afterpiece to accomplishing your goals until you ability them.

When you focus on what is a lot of important (using the action above), you will accomplish success in your music career abundant faster.

Now that you’ve abstruse why abounding accepted music career questions in fact beacon your music career down the amiss path, actuality is what you charge to do to get aback assimilate the appropriate path:

Step 1. Anticipate added in abyss about your music career goals. Use the assets in this commodity to accretion accuracy about how the music industry works.

Step 2. Alpha allurement yourself top superior questions on a constant base if aggravating to amount out what you accept to do to ability your music career goals.

Step 3. Don’t body your music career alone. Get music business training to bound accomplish big things in the music industry.